Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with people with a range of difficulties to help them engage in every-day activities and improve their quality of life. Our OTs provide assessments and therapeutic interventions to help you find ways to complete tasks more easily and maximise your independence. This may include identifying issues with strength or concentration and finding the right equipment or modifications required in your home or workplace to achieve your goals. This may also include supporting you to better manage emotions and behaviours by assessing your sensory needs and teaching you how to use sensory techniques and products. Your OT will assess how you are going currently and develop a plan for you, your family, carers or other support people to be able to put in place to make life easier and reach your specific goals. The types of assessments our OTs can provide include:

  • Support needs assessment
  • Assessment of independent daily living
  • Assessment of Motor and Processing Skills
  • Sensory Profile assessment

Our OTs can also assist you to purchase and successfully use assistive technology and other therapy products you may require. They can also work with other professionals to assist with the development of Behaviour Support Plans to support people with behaviours of concern and their support networks.