How we can help you

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals ready to help you with your support Journey today. We work hard to really get to know you, your needs, choices and preferences so that we can provide supports in the specific way you need. Our team work in accordance with the principles of Person-Centred Active Support, allowing choice and control and empowering our clients to build vital skills and enhance their quality of life.

A major focus of Journey supports is just that, to help our clients to develop new skills. While certain supports may always be needed, we celebrate when the level of support we provide can be reduced because the person can now do it themselves. Plus at Journey, we know the importance of consistency. Our strong and cohesive team of professional support providers understand the value of consistent delivery of care, teamwork and collaboration to find the best solutions for our clients. We work together, at every step of the Journey, to exceed the expectations and needs of the people we support.

Whether it’s increasing independence, accessing the community, reducing behaviours of concern, building social skills or working with a capable co-ordinator to assemble a stellar support team, Journey can assist.

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Specialist Behaviour Support

Many people experience behavioural difficulties that require expert assessment and intervention in order to live the life they want and make sure themselves and others are safe. At Journey we have a team of highly skilled Behaviour Support Practitioners who can provide a range of services to support the reduction of behaviours that others find challenging and create positive change. We are a professional outfit, only employing practitioners who are registered Allied Health Professionals with specific experience in the field. We also focus on providing the very best in evidence-based practice, ensuring our Behaviour Support Plans are informed by the latest advances in science and practice as well as being person-centred and user friendly.

At Journey we’re also big on training. We know that a plan without the time, energy and expertise to implement is unlikely to be effective. Our practitioners are all confident trainers and see training support staff, family and others as a central part of the work we do.

Some of our behaviour support services include:

  • Completion of specialist Functional Behavioural Assessments (FBA) to determine the reasons for the behaviour and help inform strategy development
  • Development of comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans that identify strategies to reduce behaviours of concern, promote a safe environment and improve quality of life
  • Develop Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans for the reduction and elimination of restrictive practices, in line with NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Provide training and coaching to families, carer’s and support staff on how to safely and effectively implement behaviour support strategies.
  • Organise and facilitate care team meetings and case conferences involving multiple stakeholders
  • Develop emergency response plans for clients with high-risk behaviours requiring immediate support
  • Provide critical incident debriefing to family and staff teams

Our practitioners support people aged 7-55 years and specialise in working with those with Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health difficulties. We come to you and work across many settings including the family home, client’s home, school, day program, those living alone and those in Specialist Disability Accommodation or other supported living environments.

Why choose Journey for Positive Behaviour Support?

Not all Behaviour Support Practitioners are created equal. Behaviour Support is a very specialised and at times risky area of work that requires practitioners who really know the field and are able to confidently engage family and staff groups to achieve real change.  At Journey we don’t compromise on quality and have assembled a team of highly skilled Practitioners who have what it takes to get results that can be sustained in the long term and help everyone feel supported in the process.  All Journey practitioners are:

  • Qualified Clinical, General or Educational and Developmental Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers
  • Registered Behaviour Support Practitioners with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Registered professionals with the appropriate regulatory body ie., AHPRA, AASW or PACFA
  • Work under the specialist supervision of Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Zoe Perry
  • Have specific skills and training in Positive Behaviour Support in addition to their professional training
  • Take on cases based on the appropriateness of their skills to the person’s diagnosis, situation and behaviours of concern
  • Have varying expertise covering work with individuals with intellectual disability, ASD and other developmental and learning disabilities, and mental health difficulties, including dual disability.

To refer or for further information please contact JOURNEY on 1300 000 164 or refer/enquire directly through our website

Support Co-ordination

Support Co-Ordinators at Journey Health Solutions will assist you to work towards your identified goals in your NDIS plan. This will involve navigating the NDIS service system, making informed decisions and obtaining the resources and support that you need and want. Using a person-centred and recovery focused approach, your Support Co-Ordinator will plan, develop and coordinate services for you by:

  • Liaising with internal and external services to maximise participant outcomes.
  • Planning, developing and building capacity in individuals and assist you to manage your own supports.
  • Monitoring and reviewing service plans and goals in consultation with you on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support and assistance as appropriate to relevant parties.
  • Assist you to access and understand your NDIS plan.

Why choose Journey for Support Co-ordination?

Our Support Co-ordinations are dedicated professionals who truly know NDIS and how to get the best out of your NDIS plan. At Journey, we know just how important a skilled co-ordinator is to access timely, quality supports to meet your specific needs. Our support co-ordinators take the time, not just to co-ordinate your supports but to get know you, your family and your story. They also value accountability and accessibility as keys to support co-ordination success. That’s why we are easy to contact, available and responsive to our clients and their broader support network.

Lifestyle Support

We have a team of highly skilled, compassionate and dedicated support workers ready to help you with your support Journey today. At Journey, we do things right. Your support Journey with us starts with a careful needs assessment looking at your goals and preferences, as well as your strengths and areas you want to work on. From here we design a specialised Support Plan involving you and your key supports, to ensure that you are getting supports in the specific way you need.

As well as providing support with personal care, attending appointments and accessing the community our workers can all help you work on building skills in areas that you care about. This could involve support to build skills with personal care activities or everyday tasks such as cooking, housework or learning to take public transport. It might also include developing social skills such as interacting with others and managing anxiety in groups or support to help you manage your emotions better. Our workers all have relevant qualifications in Disability Support and receive expert supervision and support. We also complete regular review of the support plan and seek feedback about how things are going so that we can make any necessary adjustments as quickly as possible.

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