Leanne Welling


Social Worker/Behaviour Support Practitioner

Leanne is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker and registered Behaviour Support Practitioner with over 15 years experience supporting individuals with behavioural challenges and complex support needs.

She has a Bachelor of Science with Social Work Honours and is a member of the Australian Association for Social Workers (AASW). Leanne specialises in working with adults and young people with mental health concerns, intellectual disability and ASD, including those with dual disability. She is an experienced practitioner who has worked across a diverse range of areas, including disability, forensic, child protection, drug and alcohol and mental health services and is skilled at navigating the interface of NDIS supports with mainstream services. Leanne also has specialist knowledge and skills in working with individuals who have experienced trauma and promoting trauma informed practice across families and service providers. In the UK she managed a therapeutic residential support service for children based on the ARC model from the Boston Trauma Centre where her love for supporting the most disadvantaged in society really grew. She has a passion for supporting those whose traumatic experience may have resulted in them being isolated from society and finding ways to increase their confidence and reconnect with the community. Leanne brings this lense to her work in developing evidence-based and person centred Behaviour Support Plans that can be readily implemented to achieve real change. Leanne is a confident and engaging practitioner who is also a skilled therapist, bringing a range of complementary skills to support her clients to improve their quality of life and reach their goals.