Brenda Muscat


Social Worker/Behaviour Support Practitioner

Brenda is a Social Worker and registered Behaviour Support Practitioner with over 30 years experience working in the Human Services industry.

She has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters degree in Social Work and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Brenda is skilled in developing evidence-based comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans for both children and adults, working with individuals with intellectual disability, ASD and mental health difficulties. She has a wealth of knowledge in addressing behaviours of concern as they present within families and supported living environments, including working with individuals with high-risk behaviours and multiple complexities. Brenda is also a skilled trainer and critical incident debriefer and has provided training to hundreds of support workers over the years. She is particularly passionate about developing innovative training solutions for both staff and families and ensuring that a person’s plan truly comes to life in the support environment. Brenda focuses much of her work in Central Victoria and has a strong commitment to supporting the provision of high quality behaviour support services in rural areas. She is a confident and energetic practitioner who is able to develop tailored solutions that are both effective and can be readily implemented to achieve lasting change.